Title: Fly Trap

Genre: Sci-fi / Thriller / Horror

Status: Pre Production


Four women awake trapped in a basement, with no memory of how or why they are there. They quickly come to the conclusion that they've been drugged, kidnapped and are being held prisoner. 

Their two male captors, a father and teenage son, tell the women that aliens have invaded Earth, and that they've been rescued from certain doom after the aliens gassed the population and started abducting people into the sky. 

Naturally assuming the men are deceiving them, the girls are uncooperative. After heated arguments, one of the girls manages to escape but is not heard from again. Sealed into the house, with no way out, captivity for the remaining three women soon turns into a living hell; where captors and captives alike must use their wits to save themselves from becoming the next victim leading to a gut wrenching finale with a jaw dropping twist.



We are currently raising the budget for the production of a Sci-fi / Horror / Thriller entitled 'Fly Trap'. We have put together a highly qualified and experienced team drawn from the industry. Our intention is to obtain a worldwide release, delivering a great return on your investment through worldwide film sales. 


Become an executive producer and be part of the filmmaking experience, supporting the UK film industry. We are offering great projected returns - with ongoing royalty payments as well as generous tax incentives. Please get in touch to find out more.

Concept Art by Eva Holder